Optometrist Based in Algester, providing comprehensive eye examination. Specialises in ocular diesase diagnosis, and Orthokeratology 브리즈번 한인 안경 검안사
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Do you Bulk-bill?

Yes, we bulk-bill every medicare holders.

Do I need to make an appointment?

We strongly recommend you to contact us to arrange an appointment.

I have sudden problem with my eyes, can I just walk-in?

We have attending optometrist almost everyday, so if it is something that requires urgent attention do not hesitate to come in to speak to us.

My child has learning difficulties, do I need to get glassses for my child?

We understand it is very concerning for parents if their child is struggling at school.  A child may not always require glasses to restore visual function, but eye exercises may prove to be just as effective as glasses.  Please bring your child in for an eye exam and we can discuss further


No. Early detection and treatment are the best way to control glaucoma.
Who is likely to be affected by glaucoma
People over the age of 40 years are far more likely to have glaucoma than younger people. Also, glaucoma tends to run in families. People with a blood relative who has suffered from glaucoma and people over 40 years of age are at risk and should have their eyes checked regularly by an optometrist.