Optometrist Based in Algester, providing comprehensive eye examination. Specialises in ocular diesase diagnosis, and Orthokeratology 브리즈번 한인 안경 검안사
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At Clearvue Optical, we are proud to offer you comprehensive examination of your eyes


Our optometrists, Jason and Rachel, are therapeutically endorsed, and they can prescribe medications to treat eye diseases as well as prescribing spectacles to help with vision issues. They have practiced in various locations in Australia, including rural communities, gaining experience in more advanced clinical care.

Jason has particular interest in Dry Eyes, Allergies, and Optic Nerve Diseases, including Glaucoma.

Rachel is interested in paediatric optometry, but she also excels in specialised contact lens fitting called Orthokeratology.

Common Eye Diseases

Cataracts are cloudy areas that form in the clear lens of the eye.  The cloudiness interferes with light entering the eye, causing reduced vision and the opacities in the lens scatter the light, causing hazy vision, in the same way that a dirty window scatters light..  Read More.

Glaucoma is a condition in which the nerve cells which transmit information from the eye to the brain become damaged and prevents visual information from getting from the retina in the eye to the brain.  Read More...

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) damages the part of the retina responsible for central vision and for seeing fine detail, and makes it difficult to see small details of objects,  If both eyes are affected, reading and other tasks requiring fine vision may become very difficult, but because side vision remains, people with AMD can usually remain quite mobile.  ..Read More...

Diabetic Retinopathy  For those with diabetes changes may occur and damage the retina at the back of the eye. The risk of developing retinopathy increases with the length of time you have had diabetes and your blood glucose level control.  Read More...

Have your eyes tested

Australian Government recommends the first eye exam to be done at age of 5, then at least once every 36 months 

For those over the age of 65 or having diabetes, annaul examination is recommended